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How to sell faulty items on eBay – Chris Bowser review

Items are sometimes broken or damaged and sellers have to learn how to sell those items on eBay. In this article, Chris Bowser, a leading online entrepreneur and seller gives tips on how to sell flawed items on eBay. Read this Chris Bowser review to find out.
How to sell faulty items on eBay – Chris Bowser review
You have to conduct past checks
You can conduct checks on similar items in the past and see how they have been sold. This is the first thing that you have to do to sell the broken or damaged items. It is not true that nobody will buy broken items since there are people who use such items to make weird art and show pieces.
Don’t create hypes
Creating hypes is a great mistake and do not do this when you sell defective items on eBay. Don’t just include a small one liner in some corner to state the defect. State the defect well and highlight it in bold font to make it obvious. Include it in the first line and not in the last or in some corner line. Hypes not just fetch you negative feedback and hurt your position as a seller but also make you fall an easy prey to scammers. Plus this is a very dishonest approach and will lead to bidders who do not pay. Make sure to include visuals about the defective product and magnify the flawed part of the product.
You have to specify the terms of the sale clearly
You have to specify the terms of the sale explicitly and you have to clearly state the return policies also. Buyers bid your items based on your sales and return policies. So, if you don’t encourage returns, then clearly specify it.
You have to be careful about frauds
Sometimes cards that you use to receive payments and return them will be suspended due to previous frauds. So, you should take all possible measures to eliminate the possibility of someone trying to access your PSN account

Don’t ask listing fees from wrong bidders
Sometimes, people bid accidentally on eBay meaning that these people usually get carried away by pictures or don’t observe the pictures properly. Such bidders bid without reading about the product and realize it later. So, don’t demand listing fees from them and instead relist it on eBay and try making the defect clearer for the next auction. This will promote loyal customers and will increase the auction strength.
This is a review by Chris Bowser on things to be taken care of while selling faulty items one Bay. Chris is a million dollar online entrepreneur who has sold products worth a $ 40 million on Amazon and eBay along with his brother Adam Bowser. He has been on the board of many ecommerce companies for training and has started his own online training academy known as the online auction learning center. Chris travels far and wide to many countries to give seminars and training to new and budding salesmen.  

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Chris Bowser reviews online shopping trends among teens

More and more people, especially teenagers are moving towards shopping online. Many teens are shopping online for mobiles, accessories, electronics, digital items, cosmetics and almost everything. They love to go online and browse their hot favorite website. Amazon is a very popular and trendy website among teens both girls and boys. But, clothing tops the list for maximum purchase among teenagers. Cool outfits, trendy pieces and fashionable apparel are always in demand. Online sellers offer attractive options for these and they can handpick from a pool of choices. Online teenager consumers hardly go brick and mortar shopping. Chris Bowser, an online entrepreneur reviews online shopping trends among teens. 

Chris Bowser reviews online shopping trends among teens

The contributions of parents are diminishing

Parental offerings for shopping have lessened and teens have to come up with their own sources of money for shopping. This has led to teens turn more towards brick and mortar and shopping online from stores rather than specialty stores which are very costly. But still parents do contribute for more than half of their purchases. 

Top websites 

Top websites among teens are Amazon, Forever21, Nike, American Eagle outfitters and so on. Many teenagers say that they love to shop on Amazon. With its top class customer service and best digital ecommerce practices, Amazon is the preferred one everywhere. There are some prime reasons for this.
  • Personalization of products: Amazon aims at personalizing its products. The moment the customer enters the website, it tracks the customer. It asks for feedback and aims to improve the product. It also refers more products to customers based on their likes and interests. There are bots or customer service executives having a customized and one to one discussion with customers. They find out trends of shopping for the Amazonian customers.
  •  Customer service: customer service is the most crucial factor in bringing customer traffic to the ecommerce website. Amazon excels in customer service.
  • Apart from these two reasons Amazon comes up with cutting edge shopping trends and provides lots of extra facilities like free shipping, reading books on kindle and so on. 

Social media

Social media has a very high influence on teenager shopping. More than 50% of females and 50% of males shop on social media sites. Face book chat bots are doing magnificent customer service. Other social media sites include Peach, Blab, Yubl, Anchor, Slice and so on. Many social media sites now have marketplaces within them. Teens can choose the shops they want and buy goods.


Mobiles are hot favorites among teens. More than half of the teenage population own iPhones and tablets. The smart phone is one of the main methods of accessing the net. So more and more websites should be made mobile friendly like the way Google has come up with an idea to load the mobile version of the website instead of the desktop version.


Teens love to shop. They are swayed y their peer groups and also celebrity shoppers. Teens are sharp witted shoppers and see trends in selling of a product. They tend to buy at discounted prices rather than full prices. Read this Chris Bowser review and know more about shopping trends among teens.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Bad reviews about Chris Bowser are 100% untrue

Amazon seller Chris Bowser is a great online mentor and has trained many a salesmen all over the world. Not just this, but also he is a great entrepreneur who has sold online products costing a whopping amount of $40 million in total. He has been to various countries all over the world to spread his mastery over the methodologies for successful online marketing. He along with his brother, Adam Bowser, has devoted his time and efforts to improve the lives of budding online auctioneers. Now, popularity gives way to complaints.

Bad reviews about Chris Bowser are 100% untrue

This great online businessman is no exception to this and has faced his share of it. The scandalous reviews about him are nothing but written to spoil his reputation and must be disregarded completely. Instead, salesmen can make progress in their work by tapping the knowledge available at his learning hub. 

About Chris Bowser and his rise to prominence

  Chris and Adam are children of fish market owners. So, obviously business runs in their blood. They thought that they were going to take over the fish market after their parents. But they ended up selling products on Amazon and eBay. How? As a college student Chris found it hard to make money. At this point, he teamed up with his brother and they started selling worn out shoes, clothes and other such stuff on eBay and Amazon. Soon they were on top of it and started reselling products for enormous profits. Theirs grew from a small business at their parent’s basement into a million dollar one at a 5000 sq ft. warehouse in Rockland, MA.


Chris Bowser Reviews

  Sales prep course at Chris Bowser online auction learning center

  Mr. Chris Bowser is an excellent speaker with profound knowledge of training and online sales techniques. There is a 5 day video training program for online auction selling in his virtual online learning point. It gives a step by step approach towards the same. The first module elaborates on the basics while the second module explains the step by step process of online auctioning and making money. The third module talks about the drop shipping strategy and the fourth one enumerates the risks associated. Lastly, the 5th answers FAQ’s for you. The two brothers strive to provide the best for sales guys. Chris works with the mantra that his success is determined by the triumph of his students. Chris has received some awards which include the outstanding educator given to him by the Hudson River environmental society in 2015. This proves that he is an expert teacher and is sure to motivate students by his powerful and well informed lectures. 


  On the whole, we can conclude that Chris is very talented and intelligent. His learning academy on the web is a great one too. Salesmen will immensely benefit from his training programs and will get the proper picture about him from them. Those who earn a meager income from online sales will find themselves earning a 3 digit or a 4 digit income. Various reviews which have represented Chris Bowser in a bad light are nothing but scams.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Why Are There So Many Chris Bowser Scam Reviews?

Chris Bowser started his career as an ordinary auction seller and has climbed to this level only through his dedicated effort and extreme commitment. This guy along with his brother Adam bowser has managed to sell products worth $40 million till date. This is not an ordinary one and is surely an extraordinary achievement. People those who are envious about his growth are only portraying as scammer.

Why Are There So Many chris bowser Scam Reviews?
Chris Bowser conducts his training sessions honestly at online auction learning center and has managed to direct all the students to the path of victory. All the articles and blogs portraying him as a scammer is nothing but false and baseless information which is circulating in the internet for a long time. People those who are not convinced with his right answers are also writing negative things about this guy.

One can meet him directly face-to-face when he enters chris bowser amazon workshop and clear all their doubts about amazon sales. But without following rightful paths some people are writing badly about this gentleman and spoiling his good name. Chris bowser who has conquered the hearts of the students strictly dislikes this and feels ashamed about these people.

Chris Bowser is daringly a different trainer who trains professionally

Individuals those who have doubt about his integrity and honesty can register their names at fba stores and interact with him during live seminars.  People those who are new to auction sales will be able to judge him only when they sit at FBA seminar that is conducted by him or his brother Adam.

It is imperative to note that FBA training that is conducted by chris is extremely famous in the city and also in this country. Students will be able to physically see him when they enroll in his training center or FBA seminars. Some students feel that the price of the e-books and publications that he is selling are extremely high.

This information is also wrong and worthless since the price for the e-books that are sold by him is very normal compared to other products that are sold in the market. This guy offers free e-books and videos to the students those who enroll in his classrooms and conducts fantastic training to the budding entrepreneurs. 

Chris Bowser started auction learning academy only for training purpose 


News that puts chris bowser in bad light has to be strictly condemned since he has managed to conduct several training sessions legitimately throughout the world. Public those who explore chris bowser reviews will get positive information about him. The books that is distributes during training sessions are valuable and masterpieces.

Students those who read these books will not face very big challenges during auction sales and will make three or four digit income very quickly. People those who have labeled him as scammer and illegitimate businessman have done that without understanding his positive spirits and his vision. This guy will surely break new records both in sales and in training. Chris bowser and adam bowser are stalwarts in auction business and will reach new heights in the future.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Chris Bowser reviews for protecting yourself from online auction scams

Online auctions have become big business, with millions of items for sale at any given time. People across the world currently make a living selling items through Internet auction houses.One reason for their incredible growth and popularity is that they make it easy for people to find great deals on goods that are hard to find all around the world. The excitement also makes them prime hunting grounds for scam artists, ready to play on the desire many auction bidders have for that unbelievable deal. Scammers have become extremely sophisticated with the tools they use to trick consumers into opening their wallets. National Consumers League’s Fraud Center has received multiple reports of scammers creating realistic Web sites, emails, and hotlines all designed to fool unsuspecting consumers into believing they are dealing with a legitimate business. Use caution and common sense with any online transaction. While many online sellers are legitimate, unfortunately scammers can use the anonymous nature of the internet to rip off unsuspecting shoppers.

Chris Bowser reviews for protecting yourself from online auction scams


    Double-check the company’s information: 

     A known name or brand on email, a letter or mentioned over the phone doesn’t guarantee that the deal is legitimate. Scammers, to gain trust, often pretend to be from well-known companies. Find the company’s contact information independently, online or through directory assistance, and contact it yourself to verify the information.


    Understand how online auctions work: 

      Make sure you know the procedures regarding the payment and delivery of purchased items. An immediate red-flag is if you get an email or call asking you to do something outside of standard operating procedures. Familiarize yourself with the trade at the Online Auction Learning Centre and read the Chris Bowser reviews and Adam Bowser reviews.


          Understand PayPal’s procedures: 

     Emails from PayPal will always address you by your first and last name or the business name associated with the account, according to PayPal’s fraud FAQ. Watch out for emails addressed to you any differently.


         Inform auction sites and payment services about suspected fraud:

    They have policies to remove sellers or buyers from their sites if they don’t live up to their obligations.


    Try mediation to resolve disputes:

      Most times not all problems are due to fraud. Sometimes, either of the end simply fail to hold up their side of the bargain in a timely manner or there may be an honest misunderstanding. There exist third-party mediation services that help users resolve disputes.


     Check out the seller or buyer:

      Most auction sites have feedback forums, where you can read comments about the sellers based on other people’s experiences, but many sites also allow sellers to review buyers, which can provide pertinent information about a buyer who consistently creates payment issues and who is best avoided.

Furthermore avoid any arrangement with a stranger that asks for up-front payment via money order, wire transfer, international funds transfer, pre-loaded card or electronic currency. It is very difficult to recover money sent with these means. Never send money or give your credit card or online account details to anyone you don’t know or trust and never so by email. For further information and to familiarize onself with the Insider Online Secrets read and go through Chris Bowser Scam reports.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Chris bowser tips to help with Amazon Brand Rating and Review Strategy

Amazon recently announced new restrictions for third-party sellers who sell major brands on the platform, dubbed as Brand rating. In order to sell some top brands such as Adidas on Amazon marketplace, sellers must pay an extremely high fee to get approval to list these branded goods. Amazon introduced the new regulations to boost consumer confidence and tighten restrictions on who is selling top brands on Amazon, after a number of counterfeit items appeared on the marketplace.

Chris bowser tips to help with Amazon Brand Rating and Review Strategy

Following  are a few tips that can be followed:

Tips for Resellers:  

  • Supply the requested documentation and escalate if necessary, if amazon gates you out of your own brand
  • Registering with Brand Registry will definitely help.
  • Get your brand trademarked.
  • Request Brand Rating from Amazon.
  • Provide your authorized resellers with letters of authorization.

Tips for Private Sellers:


  • Not receiving a gated brand notification does not mean you are exempt. Amazon often sends out their notifications and takes action in waves. They scale these changes as they have a lot of sellers.
  • Listing your ‘new’ items as ‘used’ or ‘collectible’ to try to get around brand rating does not help, neither does bundling restricted brands with non-restricted brands to try to get around brand rating.
  • Listing restricted brands without authorization by omitting the brand name from the listing does not
  • Buying inventory from other Amazon sellers who have been gated out of selling with the intention of selling it on Amazon will not help. Amazon does not want inventory for which there isn’t adequate documentation to get approval.
  • Be diligent with your suppliers.
  • To see if you are authorized to sell on Amazon check your wholesale agreements.
  • Speak to your suppliers about getting a letter of authorization from the brand owner to sell on Amazon.  

Though Amazon will require sellers to provide a written release to sell a brand’s products, experts speculate they probably won’t pay attention to the brand’s selling platform restrictions. The many businesses that shop around for liquidation and clearance sales and turn around and sell items for higher prices on Amazon now have to consider what happens if the e-retailer only allows listings that come from authorized resellers. Brands will benefit most from this change, but honest big resellers and distributors may also come out fine after paying fees and applying to pass through the brand gate. Smaller amazon sellers, if they can’t afford to stock branded products, may want to keep a strategic mindset and consider going into private labeling or expand into other selling platforms. More about this can be learnt from Chris Bowser through his Online auction learning center with his amazon FBA workshops and seminars.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Training center that teaches interesting facts about Amazon sales

Auction sellers those who have registered their name for the first time in Amazon website should understand many things about auction sales and about this company. First timers or beginners those who have joined recently in Amazon will learn many interesting facts about this company at online auction learning center. When they sit in FBA training they will learn about Amazon’s famous and best selling products, its unique terms and conditions and marketing strategies. 

Training center that teaches interesting facts about Amazon sales

Amazon encourages the new FBAs in several ways and directs them to the path of victory. This world famous company which is listed in Forbes top 500 companies follows systematic online marketing and world class brand building. Mr. Adam bowser who is selling products through Amazon for the past several years will train his students’ wonderfully in FBA seminar and teach them many interesting things about Amazon.

Sellers should carefully examine the products before selling


Both Adam and his brother chris bowser always focus on the products that are in huge demand and bring all those exotic products under one brand. So, brand building is a professional and challenging task and not an ordinary exercise. Students will get wide information on the topics related to brand building, internet and social marketing and socializing when they sit in their training academy.

Amazon riches home study that is developed by Adam and chris will give detailed information on various topics that are connected with Amazon auction selling. Chris also conducts wonderful classroom session on ebay auction sales and the ebay riches home study that is developed by him is also very famous. Public will get an idea about this guy when they explore chrisbowser amazon workshop.

Sellers those who choose amazon selling will not be able to rest on their laurels since they will be expected to take many challenges in auction selling. Commoners will get best information about home study and Amazon statistics and upcoming live sessions of learning center when they explore fba stores.

Sellers will start liking auction when they explore this site


Beginners those who enroll in their academy will listen to something very unique about Amazon what they have not listened so far. Sellers those who are willing to participate can contact the academy immediately. They can also fill up the form that is showcased on this site and submit it immediately.  

Chris says that Amazon has made millions of people rich and this trend will only continue in the future. Amazon which was started as a very small business entity has grown leaps and bounds only through their powerful marketing strategies and brand building. The informative sessions of Chris will change the students life altogether.

Amazon sales team will guide, motivate, coordinate and direct the FBAs wonderfully and improve the commission structure then and there which will be the guiding force behind their success. These guys have trained thousands of students in their academy and are still training many with same vigor. Gain wonderful insight about the functioning of Amazon, ebay and other prominent websites that selling old and new products.