Thursday, 2 February 2017

Chris Bowser reviews online shopping trends among teens

More and more people, especially teenagers are moving towards shopping online. Many teens are shopping online for mobiles, accessories, electronics, digital items, cosmetics and almost everything. They love to go online and browse their hot favorite website. Amazon is a very popular and trendy website among teens both girls and boys. But, clothing tops the list for maximum purchase among teenagers. Cool outfits, trendy pieces and fashionable apparel are always in demand. Online sellers offer attractive options for these and they can handpick from a pool of choices. Online teenager consumers hardly go brick and mortar shopping. Chris Bowser, an online entrepreneur reviews online shopping trends among teens. 

Chris Bowser reviews online shopping trends among teens

The contributions of parents are diminishing

Parental offerings for shopping have lessened and teens have to come up with their own sources of money for shopping. This has led to teens turn more towards brick and mortar and shopping online from stores rather than specialty stores which are very costly. But still parents do contribute for more than half of their purchases. 

Top websites 

Top websites among teens are Amazon, Forever21, Nike, American Eagle outfitters and so on. Many teenagers say that they love to shop on Amazon. With its top class customer service and best digital ecommerce practices, Amazon is the preferred one everywhere. There are some prime reasons for this.
  • Personalization of products: Amazon aims at personalizing its products. The moment the customer enters the website, it tracks the customer. It asks for feedback and aims to improve the product. It also refers more products to customers based on their likes and interests. There are bots or customer service executives having a customized and one to one discussion with customers. They find out trends of shopping for the Amazonian customers.
  •  Customer service: customer service is the most crucial factor in bringing customer traffic to the ecommerce website. Amazon excels in customer service.
  • Apart from these two reasons Amazon comes up with cutting edge shopping trends and provides lots of extra facilities like free shipping, reading books on kindle and so on. 

Social media

Social media has a very high influence on teenager shopping. More than 50% of females and 50% of males shop on social media sites. Face book chat bots are doing magnificent customer service. Other social media sites include Peach, Blab, Yubl, Anchor, Slice and so on. Many social media sites now have marketplaces within them. Teens can choose the shops they want and buy goods.


Mobiles are hot favorites among teens. More than half of the teenage population own iPhones and tablets. The smart phone is one of the main methods of accessing the net. So more and more websites should be made mobile friendly like the way Google has come up with an idea to load the mobile version of the website instead of the desktop version.


Teens love to shop. They are swayed y their peer groups and also celebrity shoppers. Teens are sharp witted shoppers and see trends in selling of a product. They tend to buy at discounted prices rather than full prices. Read this Chris Bowser review and know more about shopping trends among teens.

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