Friday, 17 March 2017

How to sell faulty items on eBay – Chris Bowser review

Items are sometimes broken or damaged and sellers have to learn how to sell those items on eBay. In this article, Chris Bowser, a leading online entrepreneur and seller gives tips on how to sell flawed items on eBay. Read this Chris Bowser review to find out.
How to sell faulty items on eBay – Chris Bowser review
You have to conduct past checks
You can conduct checks on similar items in the past and see how they have been sold. This is the first thing that you have to do to sell the broken or damaged items. It is not true that nobody will buy broken items since there are people who use such items to make weird art and show pieces.
Don’t create hypes
Creating hypes is a great mistake and do not do this when you sell defective items on eBay. Don’t just include a small one liner in some corner to state the defect. State the defect well and highlight it in bold font to make it obvious. Include it in the first line and not in the last or in some corner line. Hypes not just fetch you negative feedback and hurt your position as a seller but also make you fall an easy prey to scammers. Plus this is a very dishonest approach and will lead to bidders who do not pay. Make sure to include visuals about the defective product and magnify the flawed part of the product.
You have to specify the terms of the sale clearly
You have to specify the terms of the sale explicitly and you have to clearly state the return policies also. Buyers bid your items based on your sales and return policies. So, if you don’t encourage returns, then clearly specify it.
You have to be careful about frauds
Sometimes cards that you use to receive payments and return them will be suspended due to previous frauds. So, you should take all possible measures to eliminate the possibility of someone trying to access your PSN account

Don’t ask listing fees from wrong bidders
Sometimes, people bid accidentally on eBay meaning that these people usually get carried away by pictures or don’t observe the pictures properly. Such bidders bid without reading about the product and realize it later. So, don’t demand listing fees from them and instead relist it on eBay and try making the defect clearer for the next auction. This will promote loyal customers and will increase the auction strength.
This is a review by Chris Bowser on things to be taken care of while selling faulty items one Bay. Chris is a million dollar online entrepreneur who has sold products worth a $ 40 million on Amazon and eBay along with his brother Adam Bowser. He has been on the board of many ecommerce companies for training and has started his own online training academy known as the online auction learning center. Chris travels far and wide to many countries to give seminars and training to new and budding salesmen.  

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